What is a Rust Server?

A Rust server is an instance of the game that lets players join together online to play on the same map.

How Can I get One?

Currently, individual users cannot start Rust servers locally due to limitations imposed by Facepunch Studios. Specifically, Facepunch Studios has decided to only allow a small number of hosting providers host Rust servers, so in order to get a server you have to buy from one of them. You can see a list of the official Rust server hosts on our homepage.

Hosting Provider Advice

Before you buy Rust server hosting, we recommend that you look up the name of the company in question on Google. This way, you’ll find the most popular conversation regarding the Rust host and hopefully find anything negative before you buy your servers. Of course, we recommend that before you purchase a Rust server you look at the reviews here on our website in order to find the best provider and ensure that you’re satisfied with their services.