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About Rust

Survive in the Wilderness- By Any Means Necessary

Everyone has their stereotypes about wilderness survival. Many people participated in Boy Scouts when they were younger, camping outside under the stars, building fires, struggling to cook food over an open flame. Some think of the recent Leonardo DiCaprio movie Revenant, where he is betrayed by his allies and struggles to survive among the arctic temperatures and hungry carnivores. And others still think of various video games, where you have to fight for resources and survival, building alliances and defeating enemies. Rust would fall into the latter category. A thrilling game of wilderness survival, Rust has only one rule: survive by any means necessary.


In Rust, your only job is to survive in the wilderness. In the beginning, your only items are a rock and torch (basically nothing). You can acquire new and improved items by crafting them from gathered resources or stealing them from other players, advancing in the world as you desire. In addition, you can form alliances with other players and join clans who can help you improve your chances of survival. If your clan is large enough, you can go and attack other clans, giving you access to more resources with better weapons allowing you to build buildings for improved defense and shelter from both the elements and other players. It’s important to keep your character well-fed and sheltered, as your character can die from starvation, as well as hypothermia, in addition to death at the hands of animals and other players who can end your game quickly. After all, this is the wilderness, but make no mistake- your pre-eminent opponents are the other people.

Item and Resource Use

You start the game with a character armed with solely a rock and torch. You can use the rock to break other stones, as well as take down small trees. By doing this, you collect resources such as stone and wood. You use these resources to create new tools, weapons, and other items. Other resources include cloth, food, metal, and sulfur; all of which can be obtained by killing animals, mining, and taking down trees. The various items you can build change based on both the resources you possess, the amount of each resource, and your experience. Experience points allow you to level up, giving you access to an ever-expanding and advancing list of items you can build.

Rust Servers

Rust is a multiplayer only game developed for use on Microsoft, OS X, and Linux released onto Steam. Rust server hosting has a variety of options available. You can host rust servers locally on your own computer by downloading appropriate files. Most rust servers require files are compatible with Windows and require about 4 gb of ram. Rust server hosting requires experience, but this could be an option for you. In addition, you can play the game through a dedicated rust server on a hosting provider. There are many servers out there hosting a variety of different players for you to customize your experience to your style. The servers vary in their plugins which can provide varying degrees of action and distance from the original feel of the game. There are mods such as increased gather and smelt, or instant crafting that allow you to customize the game to your liking.

Overall, Rust has the feel of a classic survival game with comparison being made to Minecraft, along with its own unique twists that set it apart from others. While its release was met with the critique that it felt “unfinished,” the game has become one of the more popular titles on Steam. If you like the idea of leveling up to increase skills and access to new items, you’ll enjoy this title.